About Karla V. Salazar

I am a first-generation immigrant focused on serving our great country. Professionally, I have done this through over twenty years of working in different leadership roles with local and state government, the Federal Reserve Bank, and by supporting countless nonprofits.


In 1975, my mother came to this country from Nicaragua fleeing the devastation of a 7.0 earthquake. She married my stepfather and shortly after, the rest of my family and I left Nicaragua escaping the horrors of a civil war that killed two uncles and a cousin. We began our American Dream in Long Beach, ultimately settling in the vibrant region of Southeast Los Angeles in 1979.

Tragedy, once again beset my family, as my parents passed away, a few months apart when I was fourteen years old. My three aunts opened their hearts and home to me. Thanks to their hard work and sacrifice, I graduated from UCLA and Claremont Graduate University with a Master’s in Public Policy along with completing the executive management certificate program at UCLA John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management.

In 2002, I chose to buy my home in Downey and raise my son near my family in Bellflower. My 13-year-old son attends our local public-school system. I have raised my son with the values that my family instilled in me, and I hope to continue to make the 58th district an even better place to live for all.


We are a vibrant, thriving, and entrepreneurial region filled with hard working families that value our safe communities, education, good jobs, affordable homes and green spaces. We want good jobs, affordable housing, and a thriving business community. This race is personal. I am tired of the negative press we have witnessed in our region plagued by accusations of mismanagement and corruption from the Montebello Unified School District to the alleged sexual harassment charges against State Senator Mendoza and Assemblymember Garcia. We need leaders to focus on the richness and beauty of the entrepreneurial and hard-working families that make-up the 58th district. I will fight for our community, to elevate our success stories and to make the American Dream accessible again.


In Sacramento, I will leverage over twenty years of leadership experience in the public and private sector to advocate for high quality education for every student in our district, develop stronger relationships with and provide support to our business sector, attract investments in our region, continue to protect our region from urban pollution and crime, and promote dialogue and community led solutions to the opportunities and challenges faced by our region.


I will work hard to bring competitive jobs with benefits, and I will fearlessly protect immigrant families in our community, women’s rights, and encourage business growth. I am asking that you join me on this journey. The challenges are many. Together, we can transform the region. I would be honored to count on your vote, as well as your time and talents as your next 58th District Assemblywoman.


Let’s be transformative!

Karla’s Priorities in the State Assembly:


  • Increase and protect both early childhood education and K-12 education funding to ensure that all kids in our district have access to a high-quality education.

  • Support both college bound and career technical education focused on getting our youth into local jobs.


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Rely on my experience at both the Federal Reserve Bank and State Controller’s office to identify and reduce government waste.

  • Collaborate with peers to ensure we approve balanced budgets.

Jobs and Economic Development

  • Support small businesses by providing access to technology, training, and funding that will support their growth.

  • Create a business-friendly environment that attracts capital and high-paying industries to our communities.

  • Fight for equal pay, better wages, and stronger worker protections for all.

  • Make health care affordable and accessible.

  • Invest in our decaying infrastructure.


Public Safety

  • Support prevention and rehabilitation programs proven to reduce crime.

  • Increase funding for services and programs to reduce child abuse and domestic violence.

  • Ensure the diverse needs of our homeless veterans and foster youth are not overlooked.

  • Pass common-sense gun safety laws to keep guns away from criminals, domestic abusers and people with mental illness.


  • Support legislation that reduces our carbon and energy consumption by promoting clean public transit.

  • Encourage the continuation of incentive programs that help homeowners insulate their homes and install weather stripping or caulking around doors and windows. Overall, our goal is to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  

  • Collaborate with local government, community based organizations, and the business sector in identifying and eliminating toxic waste.

Civic Engagement

  • Create opportunities for community input through Citizen Advisory Boards throughout region.

  • Inform and educate constituents on how they can become involved in their local government.